Preparations for the Big Day and Final Challenges

As soon as the new date was announced, the Commission worked double time for the necessary preparations – the liturgical rites, physical arrangements, food, souvenirs etc.  The great concern was observing the precautions mandated by the government especially fixing the number of attendees.  Days prior to the event, a great obstacle ensued when the government reverted Metro Manila back to the Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine status, which meant that the previous allowed 10% attendance for Church celebrations was nullified.  Despite of all these obstacles the success of the coronation was not hampered and the perseverance of the commission paid off.

A souvenir of the cornacion Canonica placed at the pews. (source: Freshminds Digital Photography)

Nine days prior to the coronation, the Dungaw of the pilgrim image of the Our Lady of Lourdes was held at the front door of the Shrine.  This activity was meant to remind the faithful not only of the coming coronation day but the loving motherly presence of Mary in these trying times.  Every morning after the 6 am mass a short rite was held to lead the image towards the door and there it will stay for the whole day until the end of the 6pm mass.  This activity was held for nine days starting August 13.