About Us

We, Capuchins from the youngest branch of the Order of Friars Minor and date back to 1525, when some Franciscans were inspired to live a stricter life of prayer and poverty which was closer to the original intentions of St. Francis of Assisi. Our reform received early recognition and grew fast, first in Italy, then all over Europe since 1574. Our Order now serves in 101 countries, around 11,000 brothers living in more than 1,800 fraternities.

Simplicity, closeness to the people and fraternal spirit in their apostolate are clear visible signs that mark their lifestyle while also emphasizing the importance of prayer and conversion.

They live in fraternity, pray personally and in community, share meals together, help each other grow just like in a family.

We are brothers. We live in fraternity, pray as individuals and as a community, share meals and time together, help each other grow, just like in a family. Our communities, called fraternities are joyful and hospitable places.

We are Evangelical Brotherhood. Jesus with His Gospel is our guide towards a single and humble life among people. The life of Christ, Holy Scriptures, St. Francis and his writings, gives us inspiration.

We are sent by the Lord to preach, first by the example of our lives, then by many practical ways: prayer and contemplation, parish work and renewal, education, retreat giving, spiritual direction, mission activities, social service, etc. open to the myriad charisms the Holy Spirit implants in each person, we nurture whatever gift God has given us and place them to god use in His vineyard.

The Capuchins first came to the Philippines in 1886, just when other missionaries were leaving because of the growing Philippines revolution. Their real destination was not even the Philippines but the Carolines and Palaos in the Pacific. Six of the first eleven eventually continued their journey but the other five remained in the Philippines. The first Capuchin missionaries really destined to work in the Philippines arrived in Manila in 1901 only.

After 100 years, this small Spanish seed has grown to bear 100 Filipino brothers in 14 fraternities all over the country some of whom are themselves missionaries in Mindanao, the Middle-East and the Asia-Pacific and Europe.